The art of Japanese Rock- A music genre review

Japanese Rock is a music genre more known with the abbreviation of J-Rock. Japanese Rock was influenced by Western culture such as American and British Rock bands.  Japanese Rock bands of today is known for its unorthodox  type of metallic rock. They are more known for their fiercely energetic music. In 1960s Japanese Alternative rock has developed. It was noted that Happy End Band was the first rock band acknowledged as the First J-Rock to sing in Native language. It grew more popular in the 1970s and grew to be larger than life now in Japan.

Types of Japanese Rock

Visual Kei

This Japanese rock genre is a music movement that has been made popular during 80’s . Usually the Rock Band members uses fierce makeup, unorthodox hairstyles and usually in costumes like that of cos players.  This is close to glam rock of the westerners.

Heavy metal

Japanese rock is mostly known for there heavy Metal rock genre. They also have best dental service here, website link 久燦. Japanese Rock (J-Rock) is there identity in the world of rock and roll and has reached the mainstream.

Extreme metal

By the influence of American and European rock wave during early 80s extreme metal was not noted till the big exposure in the 1990s. Like every extreme metal in the world. This Jrock type of music is also considered underground form of music.

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