Rock and roll through the ages- A musical transformation

Music will always be part of human nature and will always be around until we humans exist. Music is a kind of art that make a creative sound to express emotions, ideas and feelings and is being mediated through rhythm, beats, melody and beautiful harmony. Through the time music is transformed from ancient times (clapping) to classical music and to modern times rock and roll. This time we will check how rock and roll transformed  and evolve through the ages.

Rock and Roll is arguably a evolution of rhythm and blues. This type of music is known for the use of electrical guitars and a strong rhythm with scintillating high beats. This form of music ignited young adults and brought excitement to the young generation.  It is said that Chuck Berry started the rock and roll generation by giving shivering feeling when playing the solo part of the guitar. Even John Lennon a known rocker of his time acknowledges that Chuck Berry is the Father of Rock and Roll music.

Rock and Roll through the times, transformed as newer evolution of approach to electric guitars and beat changed. Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry made a noise in the 1950s and ignited a new wave of upbeat music. Bill Hally  in  Europe during the 1960s and who would forget about the Beatles and the Beach-boys during the mid 1960s. According to an autocad drummer “Music will always transform just because people will never be satisfied with what we have and rock and roll will still be one for the ages.”