Japanese Rock and Roll- a brief history

Rock and Roll in Japan is heavily influence by many Americans and British bands particularly The Beatles, The Ventures and The Animals. The origin of this kind of sound came from a Japanese TV show.  The Comets band were the guest on a shown and they introduced Rock and Roll although the Japanese had a hard time  pronouncing it as they have difficulty pronouncing  the letter ‘r’ so they pronounced it rock and “ror” .

So it was suggested to have a new different name where the Japanese listeners will not have difficulty to correctly pronounce the name so they coined it “group sounds” the main stream idea of the new name became popular to all media outlets. Group sounds where imitation of the westerners psychedelic rock music. The difference of Rock and roll industry of West and Japan where on the drug usage. The Westerners are known to be using drugs or influence by drugs but the Japanese were constantly against the use of drug in other words their rock community were drug free.

In the 1980s Visual Kei, a J-rock genre became mainstream. This genre can be likened to Gothic in the west. Their main best asset is not the music but the fierce appearance influenced by heavy make up and thick unorthodox hair. Today, Independent Rock now is becoming more popular in Japan’s  music industry. This J-rock genre is receiving much recognition around the world. As a matter of fact a Japanese cad avid fan dresses like a cos-player when he goes to a J-rock concert.