7 Facts On The Usage of Digital Media By Japanese

1. Japanese are the 4th largest internet users in the world, with 101,228,736 internet users. Only 58% of internet users use social media.

2. 94% are the most mature and sophisticated mobile market.

With 75.2% of social media on their mobile phones.

3. Most users prefer to stay anonymous online.

4. You find the world’s most enthusiastic bloggers.

5. Twitter is bigger than Facebook in Japan.

6. The biggest social networks are twitter, being the most used social network.

Facebook has the highest number of monthly unique users, and the highest number of registered users is on Gree.

7. The current dominant trends are Facebook with a userbase increase of more than 200%. And the percentage of smartphone users is rapidly on a rise. Mixi is not number 1 social network in Japan anymore. Twitter is. Also, their local business use a lot of PPC and online marketing promotion tactics to boost their sales. If you consider to run your own, make sure you have one service as they do. Being a great travel agency is their job. You try to browse here to go to their official site. This agency makes all the capability to ensure your visa card properly working for you to enjoy traveling.


Japan is a beautiful country, and it holds the most fascinating features. Example, Mount Fuji which is located on Honshu island. It is the highest mountain in Japan.

Japanese culture has evolved greatly from its origins. Contemporary culture combines influences from Asia, Europe, and North America.

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