4 Apps For Music In The Cloud

Much like the Rock N’Roll Hall of Fame, the cloud music scene is full of rockstars with unique personalities. Here we “break down the band” and the features that make each one worth a listen.

1. Itunes match

Itunes match may be fairly new to the music scene, but it’s backed up by one of the industry’s top brands, Apple. With the ability to sync your music to a number of devices and buy songs under your Apple ID, you can enjoy these hits anywhere you go. Only time will tell if Match will make it big.

2. Spotify

This European first made a splash across the pond with apps for iOS, BB, Windows, Web Symbian, and Android. Spotify’s climb to the top of the charts in full swing. Recently teaming up with Facebook has made Spotify the topic of everyone’s status updates. With full library access, you’re sure to find your favorite tunes.


3. Google Music

If you’re an Anroid user, no doubt you’re familiar with the Music Star. Purchased songs are automatically added to your account and are available instantly on your web player via Android. With over 200 million devices supporting it, Google Music seems to be everywhere, but whether or not it will strike a hit is yet to be seen.


4. Rhapsody

Rhapsody is a legend in the cloud-based music scene. Rhapsody launched its career in late 2001 years before many of its peer shit the music scene. Rhapsody users have unlimited access to its library, and can stream music online or download for offline use.