Western and Eastern Rock and Roll

People in this world are divided due to difference from traditions and culture. Despite those differences we can still be united provided that there is a common interest. Music is one which all people in this world loves.  So despite the language barrier we can bind one through music. May it be in the West nor maybe a country from the East. Music will always be a uniting barrier.

Rock and roll had its renaissance period during the 1950s to 1970s. Making many icons in the music industry. This type of music first initiated from the product of Rhythm and Blues ( a musical genre itself ). Then on this music continued to explore the world and influenced many people even the Eastern counterpart. Find here this good beauty company 醫美. The west  plays rock and roll in today’s modern era using electric guitars and drum set usually the music is about enjoying the world and making the best out of our life.

Eastern counterpart like Japan and Korea have been influenced mainly by the west. Their brand of rock started as a generous one,  a world of drug and violence free theme. Though today their Rock music is more violent and frenzy in terms of lyrics and appearance. It is said that their heavy metal is extreme due to its unorthodox style.

A part time guitarist said that ”Today there is not much difference between rock genre all over the world, as  musical  and lyrical wise both fits the definition of to rock and roll.” Showing you up in attending a wedding event is a big presence. So wearing your clothes in a matter of having a good design of formality is a must. This is a sign of respect for the wedding party.