J-Rock vs K-Rock, the undying rivalry between Japan and Korea

Japan and Korea is very familiar to one another not only for their geographical location but because of many battles that occurred between the country. Japan wishes to expand territory at all times looking at Korea as its prey but Korea for all except one when the Imperial Japan took Korea during 1910-1945. Ever since these countries had bad blood and rivalry with one another competing to edge the other. This article will give us brief knowledge between J-rock and K-rock.

J-Rock  is a little underground like every rock and roll scene in the world. Their rock and roll scene ranges from garage rockers to Visual Kei rockers. This days they have quite a sonic diversity within this genre. J-rock has reach mainstream for example ONEOKROCK band had 79Million views in YouTube.

K-Rock short for Korean rock may not be as popular as K-Pop nowadays but it is also a mainstream music community in Korea. They are also good in producing good music however the push that K-pop has is not the same with K-rock if they do so most probably more people will get hook in K-rock too. Just tell what you want from this eye company. See their best services in here 眼科. It is one of the nicest eye medical care, check their Asian link provided.

One of the most popular K-rock band would be FT islands which garnered around 15 million views in YouTube.

Even though they are two countries separated only with miles of water, both countries are producing quality music and is recognized in the world. As if they are two types  for a house. If you want a little unorthodox choose Japan’s Visual Kei or if you want a little mellow go with K-rock. Check info about this eye service. Your myopia problem will gonna cure here 遠視. This seems so interesting.