Japanese Culture- A world class Act

Japan can be located as the farthest island country in the East. It is consists of many Islands. It is well known in today’s age and is very rich in its iconic history. They were successful in conquering Korea, China and the Philippines at some point. Today they are recognized as a powerhouse in the electronic industry and is among the best in the world market (Economy). Known as the Land of the rising sun here are some facts about Japan.

10. Of 196 Nations in the world. Japan has the second lowest crime rate in the world. There policy to no guns and swords are very strict and to have one must undergo the strict compliance of the law.

9. In a world where there is economic problem and many disputes. Japan has less than 4% unemployment rate.

8. Japan is made up of more or less 6800 Islands.

7. Anime a cartoon graphics which is popular in the world that can be watch by all kinds of age. 60% of the world’s anime came from Japan.

6. Japan has a 99% literacy level. Meaning almost all can read and write.

5. The average life in Japan is 84 years old 3 more than their rival Korea

4. They conquered a lot of countries when it was still known as the Imperial Japan

3. Japan currently holds 127 Million population. Good for number 10 in the world.

2. Japan boast  one of the most successful in the automotive industry and others.

1. Japan is one of the powerhouse in economy of the world. Ranking 3rd in GDP, 4th in PPP and world’s second largest developed economy in BOT-TO firm. See some of the reference from the link.