Father of Rock and roll who popularized rock and roll today

Rock and Roll made famous during the 1960s. The birth of rock and roll originated from the rythms and blue( R&B) this kind of music was made popular to young adults as mostly musical and lyrical wise influence the young generation. Offbeats and its style makes people want to giggle and move a lot. During its prime this music genre is used for homecomings that generated a lot of hype dancing at those times. Then who started such classy music.


During the 1960s there is no individual who was really coined to invent rock and roll a name pops everytime we think of it. Chuck Berry maybe the forefronter his musicality and lyrics took the hearts of the young generation at that time , see tips here of becoming popular. Famous songs like maybellene and Johnny B. Goode are still known today while the latter was featured in the block buster movie Back in the future.

Of course we cannot forget the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley, he was also considered with the title Father of Rock and Roll as he became an Icon in the rock and roll genre.  As a matter of fact he is still being imitated with his style of hair and fashion statement.

According to the company Due to them, founding fathers of rock ‘n’ roll were formed like the Beatles, Beachboys,The Comets were formed and made an impact in the music industry and it continuously grow in our time and makes an influences the whole world.